An evening with “The Kids Grow Up” at HBO


Dad blogging is still a pretty young enterprise, and many of us have kids that are still figuring out how to tie their shoes. But filmmaker Doug Block (whom you might know from his engaging documentary 51 Birch Street) began filming conversations with his daughter Lucy 20 years ago, right up to when she took off for college across the country. From the footage, he’s put together an intimate look at parenthood in an age when fathers are increasingly involved in their children’s lives. And he’s already experienced what most of us are quietly dreading: Letting go is hard to do.

Leading up to the film’s Father’s Day debut on HBO, the network is throwing a private screening at 7pm on Tuesday, June 14, at its New York headquarters. There will be a pre-film, open-bar reception that will overlook Bryant Park quite spiffily, and afterward the Dad 2.0 Summit will co-sponsor a panel discussion about the film and its role in the changing perception of fatherhood, featuring Mr. Block, Roland Warren, Catherine Connors, and Summit co-founder Doug French.

There is limited seating available for Tuesday’s event, so if you are (or plan to be) in the New York area and want to see this terrific film, let us know and we’ll submit your name to HBO’s RSVP list. Tickets will be offered first-come, first-served.

And if you’re as taken with the film as so many critics have been, you can purchase your own copy here.