Announcing: Dad2Meetups


One of the Dad 2.0 Summit’s primary goals is to help dad bloggers develop the same power of community that has propelled the moms to such extraordinary strength in online media. (We’ve even devoted a panel to it!)

Big communities start with little ones, so we’ve organized several Dad2Meetups leading up to our conference on March 8-10. We’ve structured these events to have precious little structure. Just a casual, open-house-type event lasting from 7pm to 10pm, where you can drop in when it’s convenient, drink if you’re thirsty, eat if you’re hungry, and chat if you’re somewhat extroverted.

And: We’ll be giving away a free Dad 2.0 conference ticket at each event to a lucky, random attendee. All you need is a business card and a pulse. (Both of which are negotiable.)

And Angelenos! We’ve got February 21 scoped out for the LA meetup. Stay tuned for the venue announcement!

Yours with bent elbows,

Dad 2.0