From Uncertainty to Enchantment


Now that the conference’s various moving parts have all become aligned, it has prevailed upon us to choose a theme for the event. We undertook this on the advice of Laura Mayes, our Mom 2.0 counterpart. And when your advisor announces a humongous SxSW party on her birthday, you take that advice very seriously.

We considered lots of ideas, of course, most of which centered around the flow of the conference. If you’re a dad blogger, and you’re coming to Dad 2.0, you’re very likely investing in the business of creating your content, and looking for brand partnerships that will generate some sort of return. And even though ROI is important (because I without R leads to lots of IOUs), too many people try to achieve it way too quickly, and in the wrong order. There are several horses before this cart. Before you sell your content, you have to work on it to make sure it’s good. Before that, you have to discover what it is you have to say about being a dad. And before that, you have to insulate yourself from some of the crummy stereotypes about manhood and instead resolve to change them, by word and by example.

Dad 2.0 has been set up with a loose flow designed to mirror this sequence, from man to dad to writer to viable business owner. What sort of pithy tagline could we use to encapsulate that?

And suddenly, the title suggested itself, based on the books of our keynoting bookends. In “Uncertainty,” Jonathan Fields talks frankly about confronting fear and doubt whenever you try anything new–especially if that anything is a life change, like becoming a husband, or a father, or an entrepreneur. And in “Enchantment,” Guy Kawasaki explains the tenets of any social media partnership, and how it can endure.

How “on the nose” is that?

We may arrive in Austin uncertain as to the true potential of dad blogging, but we all hope to leave enchanted with the idea of taking it as far as it can go.

“From Uncertainty to Enchantment.”

Be there!