And then, in our second year, we got a Title Sponsor


It’s been a big day among the Dad 2.0 Summiteers, as we finally were able to announce that Dove Men+Care has signed on as our first-ever Title Sponsor. (You can read the press release here.) In the past, many of us have snickered at developments that purport to “change everything,” but this level of involvement, from a brand of this caliber (and with that many registered ®-things in its official name), changes a whole helluva lot.

As you may know, Dove Men+Care was the first to come on board with Dad 2.013 back in June, when we announced the date and location for Dad 2.013 among all the dadnews of the Father’s Day news cycle. Which was great, because we were able to talk about how Dove Men+Care was back with us, without revealing just how profoundly wonderful its level of interest in us truly was.

If we had sat down in April and envisioned potential hosts of Dad 2.013, Dove Men+Care would definitely been on the short list. Many of you saw the great job Dove Men+Care did at Dad 2.012, including Rob Candelino’s freshly genuine account of how much he enjoys fatherhood. And Dove Men+Care’s messaging of “being comfortable in our own skin” strongly complements one of Dad 2.0’s primary philosophies:  Before a dad sells a blog, he has to find his comfort zone as a writer, a father, and a man. In reverse order of importance.

We’re very proud to partner with Dove Men+Care, mostly because its involvement affirms what all of us did when we made Dad 2.012 the success it became. If you were there in March, thank you. We hope you’ll come to Houston see what more we can achieve this time around.