Honda returns to Dad 2.0 as a Presenting Sponsor!


Last year, we awarded our Super Trooper sponsor award (which we made up at the end of the conference) to Honda. We had great plans for our vehicle sponsor, since we’d planned such an outdoorsy conference on the grounds of a sprawling, gorgeous resort during springtime in Texas.

And then it rained. Nonstop, for four days, amid temperatures that were 30 degrees below normal. And while the rest of the conference huddled indoors, the Honda team huddled under the Last Available Tent in Texas (since SxSW was starting at the same time) while attendees headed out for their test drives.

The thing is, with the rain, those test drives became more interesting. And the drivers (some of whom appear inĀ this video) really got a sense of what these Hondas can do.

It gives us great pleasure, then, to announce that Honda has doubled down with us as vehicle sponsor for Dad 2.013, this time as a Presenting Sponsor and co-host of our Opening Night Welcome Party at the Four Seasons Houston.

Welcome (back) aboard, Team Honda!