Discussing fatherhood with Doug Flutie

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If you follow football, you know Doug Flutie from the Hail Mary pass that beat Miami on national TV in 1984. You know about his subsequent 20-year career in the NFL, CFL, and USFL, despite the prevailing wisdom that he was too short to make it as a pro quarterback. You know about Flutie Flakes.

What you may not know, however, is that Doug’s son was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old, and since 2000 the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation has raised more than $13 million to help improve the quality of life for people and families affected by autism.

Doug is also part of Dove®Men+Care®’s latest “Journey to Comfort” campaign, which touches on fatherhood as never before. He’s amassed a lot of specific insights about how fatherhood changed his life, as it changes every man’s. And on October 26, he’s going to sit down with us and talk about them.

Dove®Men+Care® and the Dad 2.0 Summit are proud to host “The Play-By-Play on Fatherhood,” a discussion with Doug Flutie and several online dads that will explore the joys and challenges of modern fatherhood, the burgeoning voice of engaged fathers in all walks of media, and where that trajectory can take us in the years to come. (Click on the image to the  left for the full-size invitation.)

Please join us for the live-streamed broadcast on the Dove®Men+Care® Facebook page on Friday, October 26, at 10am Eastern. While we’re broadcasting, we hope you’ll participate by commenting on the page, or by tweeting us @DoveMenCare and @dad2summit.

See you there!