Announcing the ReadySetEat Dads’ Cook-Off!

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In these fractious, polarized times, we need someone to remind us that, despite our differences, our ultimate goal is to nurture our sense of community.

On January 31, 2013, that will not be us.

As the culinary networks have taught us, cooking food has one simple goal: Be better at it than somebody else. And since we’ve been inspired by that first competition show, the Japanese import that started it all, the Dad 2.0 Summit and Presenting Sponsor ConAgra Foods’ are proud to announce:

  • The Fracas at the Four Seasons!
  • The Throwdown in H-town!
  • The Not-At-All-Infringing-On-Iron-Chef’s-Copyright ReadySetEat Cook-Off!

Here’s how it works: The Call for Recipes will be open for three weeks, from October 29 to November 19. During that time, dad bloggers will have the opportunity to submit recipes that meet ReadySetEat’s two main criteria: Seven or fewer ingredients, and a combine cook/prep time of no more than 30 minutes. (All rules, regulations, judging criteria, and other noisome legalese will be posted here as soon as the Call for Recipes goes live. If you want to study up on sample recipes beforehand, you can check them out at ReadySetEat’s website.)

Once the call closes, the recipes will be tested and judged by ConAgra’s culinary experts, who will announce ten semi-finalists during the week of December 10. These ten recipes will be profiled on the ReadySetEat Facebook page, where fans will be able to test them for themselves and vote for their favorites.

After a month of testing, voting, and shameless self-promotion, the Top Four fan favorites will be announced during the week of January 14, 2013. And these lucky four finalists will win free airfare, hotel accommodation, and full conference passes to Dad 2.013, where they will compete in the ReadySetEat Cook-off live, at the Four Seasons, during our Thursday Night Welcome Party!

The event will be hosted by Jim Lin, who, having eaten bugs and crammed raw meat in his ear for the sake of blog material, will likely be up for anything. And once the cooking ends, and the meals are critiqued and compared by a panel of judges, conference attendees will spend the weekend voting for their favorites using all manner social media mayhem they can bring to bear.

On the main stage, as the conference is about to conclude, we’ll announce prizes for the three runners-up. And the Grand Prize Winner will receive a cash prize toward an amazing, football-themed trip for his entire family!

We’ll be posting more details as the Call For Recipes nears. In the meantime, sharpen your knives, grind your spices, and get ready to cook!