Announcing: Our 2013 breakout panels


Welcome to the start of a very active week of announcements from Team Dad 2.0! We have a lot of great things to trumpet from the rooftops, and we thought the best place to start would be the conference itself, and the things we’ll be talking about.

Last year, we subdivided most of our content into 12 breakout panels. The feedback was terrific, but it did force our attendees to make a lot of hard choices. So this year, we’ve moved a lot of programming to the main ballroom–starting with a segment that’s part TED and part Ignite. (So we’re calling it “TEDnite” because it’s easier than calling it “Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka“).

Our first TEDnite is called Attack of the Three-Headed Dads! and will feature short presentations from five men with unique, three-headed perspectives: as fathers, content creators, and brokers of brand/blogger partnerships. They’ll share their viewpoints about the state of dad blogging, how far it has come, and what needs to happen next.

We’ll also have a keynote address on Saturday morning from best-selling author and nationally renowned speaker Brené Brown, who will share the considerable research she did about men for her latest book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead.

Last year, we held a Brand Forum featuring senior marketing executives and their strategies for dad-based marketing. We’re doing that again, but we’re also turning the tables and affording successful content creators to sound off on our Creators and Curators Panel.

And to accommodate all the new conference-wide planning, we’ve reduced the number of breakouts from 12 to 8:

Built By Association: How Innovative Thinking Has Helped Dad Blogs Flourish
Over the past year, dad bloggers have regarded their brands in a new, commercial light. And marketers have embraced new confidence in partnering with dads, whether they write blogs or not. All of this new thinking has helped to re-brand men not only as engaged dads but also engaged consumers who can be marketed to year-round (and not just with the grads in mid-June).

Can Parenting Ever Be Truly Gender-Neutral?
When it comes to parenting, mothers are held to an unreasonably high standard, while the bar for passable fatherhood is disproportionately low. As fathers strive for greater credibility as parents, the gap between those standards is diminishing. But will that gap every truly disappear? And is this the only way dads will ever be perceived as having a truly equal footing when it comes to raising kids?

Cross-Cultural Communication and the American Understanding of Fatherhood
Drawing on disparate experiences grounded in race, culture, and experience, this panel will expand the definition of what it means for a father to “be there” for his children. This panel will offer unique insights into how communication affords groups in America a unique opportunity to redefine what it means to be an engaged father, and how sometimes “invisible fatherlessness” could just mean a different way of being a dad.

Digital Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing to Men
For digital entrepreneurs, men are an ideal target market for technology ventures and online marketing. As the image and voices of men online continue to evolve, however, so to must the methods of reaching them. And significant growth awaits those who understand this and challenge the status quo. This panel of successful online entrepreneurs and marketing pros will explore the latest trends in digital entrepreneurship, the most innovative advertising targeted at men, and the best ways to build sustainable, profitable, and scalable online business models.

Fathers and Faith: How Belief and Spirituality Integrate with Modern Parenthood
Many fathers have been guided, trained, or redeemed by a strong adherence to religious principles. How have faith and ministry helped change men’s lives and strengthened their families? And how can fathers look to their faith as a way to help spread tolerance, build understanding, and raise the next generation of devoted fathers and leaders?

Followers, Circlers, Pinners, and Friends: Building a Marketable Platform With Integrity
There’s no better online asset than a built-in audience. These panelists will show you how they’ve built theirs without compromising their genuine voices, and how they’ve used these platforms as negotiating tools with publishers. They’ll also discuss why, given a crowded mom market, good dad-based content is a particularly attractive commodity.

How to Turn Your Social Media Skills Into a Full-Time Job
Building your blogging business has involved a lot of on-the-job training, and now you’ve built a skill set that’s more valuable and unique than you might think. How can you leverage your talents and passions into a full-time position in social media? These pros have done it, at big corporations and not-so-big non-profits, and they’ll share the steps they followed to make it happen.

Writing A Wrong: Authentic Blogging Through A Major Life Change
Nothing instigates personal growth—and the desire to write about it—than a traumatic upheaval, such as a layoff, divorce, or loss. What are the particular personal, professional, and sociological impediments that keep more dads from expressing their true selves online? Our panelists will discuss how they’ve overcome these obstacles, been inspired to share their stories, and found the balance of writing truthfully while protecting the sensitivities of others.

They they are! Stay tuned this week for more information about our Dad Blogger Spotlight winners, our ReadySetEat Cook-Off semifinalists, the winner of our next hotel giveaway, and the next round of speakers!