Save 20% on your Dad 2.0 ticket for the rest of 2012!


Good news, everyone: The Mayan Apocalypse didn’t happen. The sun rose, the Winter Solstice arrived, and the kids went off to what is likely their last day of school in 2012.

And you know what? We at Dad 2.0 are sort of done with 2012 as well, since we’ve been in 2013 mode for a few weeks now. We’re ready to move on, announce more speakers, solidify our programming, and work with our sponsors. And sell the last few tickets we have.

That’s right. As we expected, Dad 2.013 tickets are selling fast, and we’re going to sell out sooner than last year. We also know that all of us are running around like crazy, crossing everything off our lists and getting ready for big, family gatherings.

That’s what makes our year-end “10 for 20” promotion stand apart from all those e-mails telling you to HURRY and NOT MANY LEFT and HOLY SMOKES BUY THIS OR THE WORLD WILL END. We’ve got a better idea.

We’ve got 10 days left in 2012, and we think each of those should provide an opportunity to save on your full conference pass to Dad 2.0. So our 20% discount (10 days for 20%! get it?) will be valid for all 1o days until 2013 dawns. It starts now, in time for all the holiday gift-giving, and lingers on, after you’ve scooped up all the wrapping paper.

Here’s the deal: If you go to our Registration page and use the promo code “10for20,” you’ll get a 20% price discount on a full conference pass to Dad 2.013. And just so you can order in complete relaxation, the sale will be live until midnight Eastern on Dec. 31.

Hope to see you in Houston, and Happy Holidays!

Team Dad 2.0