Ready to vote for your favorite dish in the Great Dad Cook-Off? Here are the rules!

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Where will you be exactly a week from right now?

If you’re coming to the 2013 Dad 2.0 Summit, you’ll very likely be watching finalists Jim Higley, Christopher Lewis, Rob Rosenthal, and George Teh¬†cooking live in the ReadySetEat Great Dad Cook-Off, for the benefit of Chairman Jim Lin and a team of celebrity judges led by Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr.

You, however, will not be the usual casual bystander. No, sir. Because after these four dishes have been created, assessed, and digested, it will be up to you to help choose who will win the $3,000 Grand Prize!

And since this is the ReadySetEat Cook-Off, it’s time to start with the “Ready” part: How to vote!

Each contestant has been assigned his own hashtag below:

  • Lewis: #RSEDadofDivas
  • Jim Higley: #RSEBobbleheadDad
  • Rosenthal: #RSEShortOrderDad
  • Teh: #RSEGeorgeItMom

(If you have any trouble remembering these, don’t worry. They’ll be emblazoned all over the event, as well as at the ReadySetEat booth the next day.)

Once the Cook-Off starts, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite dish by publishing tweets using the hashtag of your choice. Voting will be fast and furious, and be governed by two major rules:

  1. Only the votes cast between 6:00pm on Thursday (when the Cook-Off begins) and 11:59pm on Friday will count toward the contest; and
  2. Each unique Twitter handle will be limited to a total of 10 votes (after that, the votes will be discarded).

Them’s the rules, folks. Follow them well, and arrive in Houston ready to taste, vote, and be merry. The Chairman will be pleased.