An open Call for Triumphs

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As Dad 2.014 comes together, and we’ve taken in how much New Orleans knows how to celebrate, we’ve been thinking about dads’ place in the world. Only 33 months after we announced the first Dad 2.0, we’re coming back to New Orleans in a dramatically changed parental climate:
  • New data about dads’ opinions being harvested every day.
  • Front-page stories about dads in the home.
  • Debates about work/life balance.
  • Dads appearing on morning shows, inking book deals, striking innovative deals with brands, and getting bylines in top periodicals.
  • Fatherhood networks sprouting up all over the world.
As we come back to where it all began, these are the things we want to celebrate. What’s happened to you because of the dad community that you didn’t even think was possible a short time ago? We want to know about it.
If you’ve got a story about how plugging into online fatherhood has altered your career, your experience, or your worldview, drop us a line at and tell us about it. We want the Dad 2.0 community to see what’s possible, so that we can plan for what’s next.