Dove® Men+Care® helps us remember our veterans all year long

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Among the most prevalent topics of discussion within the dad community is how fathers struggle to balance their work life and family life. It’s challenging enough when you work 60, 80, 100 hours per week, are on the road a lot, and scamper home to kiss your kids before they go to bed.

Our Title Sponsor, Dove® Men+Care®, wants to take the discussion deeper. They’ve talked to professional athletes (at our Play-By-Play on Fatherhood with Doug Flutie last fall, and in their #BigLeagueDads campaign earlier this year) who spend half their lives on the road. But the struggle becomes most paramount with servicemen who are deployed across the country or across the world for months, even years, at a time.

Yesterday was Veterans’ Day, when we bring the sacrifice of American servicemen and -women to the forefront of our minds. We at Dad 2.0 Summit find it tremendously gratifying to see so much attention being paid to current and returning members of our armed forces, and we’re proud that our partner Dove® Men+Care® gets it, too.

Earlier this year, Dove® Men+Care®‘s “Mission: Care” program reunited 300 servicemen with their families. Among them was Staff Sergeant John Gallagher, who met his two-month-son for the first time. If you watch this and don’t feel something, you might want to check to see if you have a pulse.

Veterans’ Day comes once a year, but military families know that every day is Veterans’ Day. Thanks to Dove® Men+Care® for helping us remember our veterans all year long.