Announcing our newest sponsor, Starbucks!

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Seasoned conference-goers know that, in many cases, an attendee’s experience is often related to his level of caffeine intake. A lot happens over those 48 hours of presentations, networking, and frivolity, and in order to stay your best throughout, you’ve got to 1) pace yourself and 2) recharge.

This year, we’re very proud to announce that the source of all that precious, recharging fuel is a little-known, up-and-coming outfit called Starbucks.

We kid. Because we with kids know Starbucks is a crucial source of energy for parents all over the globe, and the company is coming to New Orleans next month for a new product rollout–and we’ll be among the very first to try it!

Thank you, Starbucks, for being there at the start of the day, for helping us make it to the end, and for supporting dads at Dad 2.014. Your presence will generate a lot of buzz, in the absolute truest sense.