Unwrapping the NOLA Nine: Our 2014 Breakout Panels!


On the second day before Christmas, Dad 2.0 Summit announced to me: FIVE Dad Blogger Spotlights; FOUR TEDnite presentations; THREE trenchant keynotes; TWO awesome parties; and a barber shop full of Dove Men+Care products!

And we have lots of announcements planned about all of this over the next two weeks–including the moderators in our new Workshop format, which will offer attendees more power to engage in the topics that interest them most. In the meantime, we’re very proud to announce the NOLA Nine, our 2014 Breakout Panels!

The House(s) That Dad Built
They say the best way to predict the future is to create it. And more men are making more time to be more active in their kids’ lives, and proactive in their strategies for enhancing their online experience. As a result, dad networks are thriving all over the world, and the participants are benefiting, both personally and financially. Our panelists, each at a different stage of construction, will discuss their passions, methods, and resources for building viable brands and encouraging more dads to seize the opportunities that await them.

Is SEO S-E-Over? How Killer Content is Transforming Search
The science of search is as advanced and granular as ever, and every serious content creator needs to know the tools of the trade. But the degree to which you need to deploy them varies with your content’s intent. Changes in search are enhancing the importance of authorship and engagement at the expense of mere meta-tags and keyword stuffing, and our panel will discuss SEO’s evolution (and debate its relevance) in the age of “killer content.”

It’s A Marathon and a Sprint, With Plenty of Hurdles
When you conjure an image of a modern dad, you might think of a married 30-year-old with an infant strapped to his chest. But experienced fathers know that changing diapers is just the beginning. Real parenting starts when your kids get older, and life really starts to happen. Our panelists have helped their tween, teen, and adult children navigate the shoals of homework, bullying, discipline, and sexuality, as well as momentous changes in their own lives, and they’ll tell you how they lived to tell about it.

Male Scarcity, and the Impact of Absent Fathers on Communities
Dads may be more involved in their children’s lives than ever, but the percentage of fathers who live with their children remains too low—and has been falling steadily for decades. Our panel of experts, academics, and sociologists has been studying the long-term ramifications of this alarming pattern; they’ll discuss the latest information and initiatives related to promoting fatherhood, and show how their findings are helping communities and organizations reverse negative trends.

Marketing to Today’s Men: Are Dads Leading the Way?
Any story about marketing to today’s adult men begins with understanding dads. And today’s dads bring a unique alchemy of strength, sensitivity, adventure, wisdom, and sentiment to their roles as engaged fathers and domestic partners. These values and life elements that dads hold so dearly are instrumental components of their identity as consumers. To grasp all this is to dig deeper and understand “why dad buys.”

Parenting it Forward: Compensating for Our Own Flawed Fathers
Although it’s often assumed that the engaged, dedicated dad is acting on his own father’s good example, in many cases the opposite is true. Many modern dads will admit they’re doing all they can, consciously or subconsciously, to compensate for their own fathers’ shortcomings and to avoid the brokenness and hurt that can perpetuate in those adult relationships. Our panel will discuss whether this is just a generational shift that merely reflects the times, or the start of an inexorable trend toward better fathers and stronger families.

The Politics of Provocation: Courting Controversy and Riding the Fallout
In a culture that equates audacity with renown, it’s tempting to assume that in order to be heard above the noise, you have to be outrageous. Boldly speaking your mind can make you a traffic darling, but it can also make you the target of intense, adverse opinion. Our panelists don’t shy away from outsized attitudes, and they’ll share their secrets for speaking strongly and remaining steadfast in a storm.

The Psychology of Men’s Health: How Dads are Flipping the Script
When a man becomes a dad, maintaining his physical and mental well-being becomes doubly important. But despite the salutary effects of caregiving, too many men are socialized to deny their vulnerabilities and avoid preventative health care. More fathers recognize that good health is fundamental to being present in our kids’ lives, and our panelists will discuss this phenomenon and answer questions about maintaining our bodies and minds, at a time of life when the stakes are too high to just “be a man and walk it off.”

Welcome to the Juggle: Fatherhood, Multitasking, and Work-Life Balance
As parenting roles converge, dads are grappling with the same work-versus-family conundrum that has confounded working moms for decades. Many men are more vocal about their needs, and more eager to find ways to satisfy them, but the stigmas associated with paternity leave, or returning to work after a stretch of stay-at-home dadding, remain. “Having it all” may be a myth, but our panelists will share their experiences and solutions toward having as much as you can.

We’ve increased the number of sessions from eight to nine, and programmed only three at a time (instead of last year’s four), in order to enhance our attendees’ options.

Thank you all for the tremendous response to our Call For Ideas; thanks to you, trying to incorporate and distill as many of them as possible was the most difficult job we’ve ever loved. Your support means everything, and if you don’t see your topic here yet, remember that our Workshop announcement will come early in the new year.

Also, our Holiday50 ticket promotion ends tonight at 11:59 EST! If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, now’s the time to click here and use the code “holiday50” to save $50 off our price! We’re poised to sell out sooner than ever, and once we reach our maximum, we won’t have any room to expand as we did last year.

Thanks again, and happy holidays!