Presenting Sponsor Kraft Cheese is back for 2014!

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If you came to Dad 2.013, you know that Kraft Cheese, one of our Presenting Sponsors, catered two meals with some really delicious tailgate grub. And for 2014, we’re very excited to announce that Kraft is back at the Presenting level once again! Except this time around, they’ve got something much loftier in mind.

In addition to providing Friday’s lunch and Saturday’s snack, Kraft wants to work with dads who know their way around a kitchen. They know dads take parenting seriously and are passionate when it comes to their families’ health, nutrition, and time spent together.

Dads also know that Kraft Cheese—whether sliced, shredded, or eaten straight off the block—enhances just about any meal. It’s full of protein and calcium, great for snacking, and you just can’t beat a melty mouthful on a cold afternoon.

Kraft Cheese enjoyed getting to know the Dad 2.0 community last year, and this year they want to see more. They want to celebrate us, in our platters and ovens and sauce pans. They’re seeking relationships, opinions, counsel—and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it at Dad 2.014, and beyond.