Announcing the 2014 Dad Blogger Spotlights!

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They’ve been saying it consistently for years now, but this year they seem to be saying it more loudly than ever: The blog is dead. They say blogging was eaten by Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and all the myriad image- and video-sharing apps. They say that attention spans are waning, that all posting should be informative lists, that anything longer than a paragraph is TL;DR.

We say TT;HB (That’s Total HorseBleep).

And we’re proud once again to celebrate dads’ narrative voices at Dad 2.0 by announcing the five men whose work will be featured in our Dad Blogger Spotlights:

Once again, we had a terrifically difficult task of choosing these five from all the entries. And we’re looking forward to building on last year’s success and establishing that Dad Narratives are increasing, and better than ever.