Dove Men+Care wants you to share your #RealDadMoments

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With the world awash in resolutions, we’ve noticed a lot of people resolving to filter out the noise in our lives and be “in the moment.” This is especially important for parents, who know the interval between when our kids are born, and when they’re teenagers who want you to drop them off two blocks from school, elapses a lot faster than we’d like.

That’s when we turn to our omnipresent cameras, which can freeze time for those fleeting moments to capture our kids’ winsome youth. At Dad 2.014, Dove Men+Care wants to emphasize those moments, both momentous and mundane, that form the throughline of our fatherhood, and our lives.

As we approach the conference, Dove Men+Care hopes you’ll share some of your own Real Dad Moments—current or throwback—with our community online. To participate, share your photos on Instagram and/or Twitter, being sure to:
  • Tag your new or old photos with the #RealDadMoments hashtag; and
  • Mention @DoveMenCare in your post.
And here’s the good part: All entries with these two references will automatically be entered in our #RealDadMoments contest, and five winners will receive one free night at the JW Marriott during the 2014 Dad 2.0 Summit!
The deadline for all pre-conference entries is January 24, 2014, and although you can enter as often as you like, there will be only one winning photo per person. And once the contest is over, you’ll still be able to post and share your #RealDadMoments on Dove Men+Care’s live-cast Tweet Wall during the conference. (There might also be a surprise involved.)

Dove Men+Care wants to encourage dads to capture and share our #RealDadMoments with the Dad 2.0 community. So if you’d like a free hotel night, grab your cameras and get shutterbuggin’!