Cottonelle is coming to Dad 2.014!

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CottonelleFresh off its triumphant #LetsTalkBums haiku contest (put together by our parent company, XY Media Group), Cottonelle is continuing its support of dads and coming to New Orleans! The message remains the same: Once you experience how great the new Cottonelle Clean Routine feels, you’ll wonder how human society existed this long without it.

Cottonelle is also trying something new at Dad 2.0, by bringing a unique type of guest with a unique type of talent. Krandel Lee Newton, an engineer turned artist, will be there to work his particular magic in the area of “Cottonelle Caricature.” He developed his craft more than 25 years ago, and to date he’s drawn over a quarter million (clothed) backsides—belonging to celebrities as diverse as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, John Goodman, and Vanessa Williams. He’s been featured in several newspapers and magazines, as well as on CNN, America’s Funniest People, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

For more information about all of this, you can check out Cottonelle’s Facebook page.