LEGO is coming back to Dad 2.0, and bringing some Friends

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legoIn the Revered Sponsor Alumnus category, we’re very glad to welcome back LEGO Systems to the Dad 2.0 family! LEGO came to our first event in 2012, and they’re back again, this time with its LEGO Friends line that blends the construction we all know and love with realistic role-play, creativity, and a highly-detailed, character-based world.

LEGOs remain an iconic staple of our childhoods (and a lot of our adulthoods), and we’re glad they’re coming back to bring some building fun to Dad 2.0, share a few hands-on ways to use LEGO bricks, and preview a new partnership where they’ll use these building techniques to help girls build confidence and activate their limitless potential.

Stay tuned also for the LEGO Movie, which comes out the weekend after our event!