What would you do #ForTheLoveOfCheese?

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Imagine a world without cheese. A world with childhood memories of dipping a Grilled Nothing sandwich into tomato soup. Ordering an Italian Four-Zilch Pizza. Home-baked Macaroni and Bupkis.

Jarring, isn’t it?

After last year, we have similar trouble envisioning Dad 2.0 without Kraft Cheese. And we’re very glad we don’t have to.

Kraft Cheese is coming back to the Dad 2.0 Summit this year with two primary thoughts in mind: We dads love cooking tasty, nutritious food for our kids, and cheese is kind of a miracle food. It’s been around forever, it belongs in anything from a morning omelet to a late-night pizza slice, it comprises countless forms, textures, smells, and tastes, it’s a great source of calcium and protein. And we love it.

Kraft has been at the forefront of this cheese mania for generations, and at Dad 2.0 it wants to share its innovations for the generations to come. Like the first American Singles made with no artificial preservatives. Or Natural Cheese Shreds in their new Stand-Up Pouch, which uses less packaging (18% less vs. their regular 8 oz. package, to be exact!) but has the same amount of cheese you always get. Or the new fiery and deliciously spicy Kraft Natural Cheese Blocks that will bring the heat to any dish or snack.

The key question on Kraft’s mind is, “What would you do for the love of cheese?” If cheese were suddenly gone from our culture, what would you do to bring it back? Would you start your own dairy farm just so you can make your own? Run a 5K dressed as your mother? Build a shed out of popsicle sticks?

At Dad 2.0, Kraft wants to celebrate dads’ passion for cheese. Share your thoughts in words, images, or video, and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfCheese, and six winners will receive a Weber Grill Tool Set! We want to show the parent community that we love cheese, almost as much as we love Kraft for returning to Dad 2.0 to support dads in the kitchen.