Announcing our Opening Keynoter: Jason Katims!

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“The principle I use in looking at all of the story lines [in his TV show, Parenthood] is that your children are never who you expected them to be.” –Jason Katims

katims-jason1When you think of the really prestigious jobs in show business, it doesn’t get much better than “showrunner.” The person with the vision to create a show, the power to get it made, and the talent to build it into a long-running hit.

Many have managed this once or twice, but very few have done it over and over again. And with a resume of TV shows including Relativity, Friday Night LightsParenthood, and the upcoming adaptation of About A BoyJason Katims occupies some really rarefied air.

Amid all the attention paid lately to portrayals of men and dads in media, Katims is known for the layered, relatable male characters that populate his work. And when he sits down with Jim Higley to open Dad 2.014 on Friday morning, we’ll hear all about his process, his visions for a new perception of dads as parents, and how, despite our diverse experiences in our own household, so many family stories are big and messy and universal.

We’re very excited to have Mr. Katims on board to open our conference, and we’re especially grateful to Dove Men+Care for making it happen.