Closing Keynote Address by Peter Shankman

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Peter grew up in New York and learned to be scrappy and how to hustle while  young, but he had few friends growing up.

He likes to skydive.  Folks have asked him to quit because of his having a child now.  It grounds him and makes him feel free.  It keeps him off meds and helps him be the best at life he can be.  Considered stopping because others told him to do so; we don’t need to do that!  Raise your children how you wish to raise your child instead of following everyone else’s direction!

Have boundaries with friends and family in the raising of your children.

If you’re running a company successfully nowadays, you have to be transparent.  This generation of children won’t have a sense of privacy like we had, so we have to be transparent, own our mistakes, and be smart.

He doesn’t bring his phone with him when he goes out for drinks!  Made one error on Twitter at SXSW and had to own it and clean up the mess over 4 days.

Tip:  use “Google goggles” to keep yourself from emailing on your phone between certain hours unless you can perform rapid arithmetic!

Be relevant.  Find out how people get their information and what information they want.  Then, you’ll be useful.

Recent research indicates you have 2.7 seconds to get someone’s attention if he’s an under 35 adult!  We have to communicate well to get folks’ attention.  So, act like you’re talking to the President any time you need to communicate with someone!

Also, treat you customers, and people in general, well.  We expect to be treated like crap in our current society, so surprise people by treating them well.

Be 15 minutes early.

His book “Nice Companies Finish First” is about companies that treat their customers one level about crap, and they do great!

Never settle.

As useful as technology is, we need to put it down every once in a while!  Like dinner time.  Incidentally, look at for great, simple directions on cooking!

Working hard all day, week, and year doesn’t matter if you don’t have someone or something that loves you!

In life, as in skydiving, Peter had a reserve parachute, which meant moving to Thailand and living in paradise.  Now, as a dad with a 9-month-old, he doesn’t have that any more!

He’s launching a podcast in which they ask CEOs about the mistakes they’ve made and what they learned from it!

Best decision he’s made was selling HARO when he did, because it wasn’t as fun any more.

Worst decision was hiring a second-in-command and assuming he’d work with the same passion Peter had; it lasted a few months.  Good to delegate, but don’t assume others are going to have the same level of passion and drive you have about your own company or entity!

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