Keynote- the Amazing Josh Levs

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CNN and NPR reporter

Great to around my brothers. Coolest fraternity to be part of!

We are all fighting the same fight.  shared values.  Work to be done but we are doing it

Posted up a hilarious long hash tag — for wall great dads


He remembers holding kid for the first time – feel his energy and worth

Feeling the joy — he has good news and bad news

Son.  heart defect but fixable– open heart surgery

Josh paid the price of being over extended  — he was tired and unfocused

Huge year for dads — 2008 — economic collapse — changed fatherhood. Many stay at home dads

Americans understanding of fatherhood changed. People started seeing dads differently…

He interviewed dads — new reality new challenges

No one was talking about dads about dads

People started sharing stories that full time parenting is tough.  Video clip — dads feeling pressure

During his 48 hours of being a dad, he was thrust into dad mode — only had been dad 48 hour dad

He was told parenting will age you 10 years overnight.  He won’t know a thing

Was taught sudoku so cannot fixate on surgery

His wife felt frustrated that she could not breastfeed and they were helpless, but they then realized they were giving him his life   just started early — getting best medical help

Frustrated that there were problems he could fix.  But got help


2009 — dramatic experience.  New child

Gave birth in bedroom — delivered his own baby

Coworkers gave him a catchers mitt — Wife did all the heavy lifting…

He didn’t have any trouble focussing now — brought life into focus.

Nothing else matters — not work, stuff

Jolted him in fatherhood. – remembers that moment

Video — what do dads want from dad blogs

We need to get into the conversation that dads are having

We are dads and we are good — promote involved dads

He started writing columns — dads take active roles

What is obvious to us (as dad bloggers) isn’t obvious to every one

Dads do things differently…

2013 — wife pregnant again — really difficult pregnancy

Looked at their reality =- what was best for kids?

Policy — only  women get 10 weeks paid

If adopted kids — moms and dads get  10 weeks paid leave

But biological dad only gets 2 weeks!

Biological father gets benefits?  They were fascinated by his question

Case law in his favour —

No drama free births.  Another heroic birth

Dads got 2 weeks paid only.  By their policies

Emailed verdict — we unable to give you this policy

He needed to look after the kids  wife could not.

Filed with EEOC charge against time warner

New York times article.    Women were fighting for him

equal time off for dads.   crusades

Out dated policy — if he gave his kid up for adoption.   The adopted parent would get 10 weeks

Coworkers joked about adopting each others kids

Many women group media and magazines supported him

Dad blogs were his greatest support — he salutes dad blogs  proof he wasn’t alone

Issues facing dads are the same as the issues facing women

We need to value fathers in America. Need to value families

He writing a book about dad issues.

There is a huge market for these books

He posted his book announcement on tumbler live with us because we mean that much to him (for real)

Women    lean in but men are stretched out

Men are like  stretch Armstrong — we have so many responsibilities.  Stretched out over

We are all stretched — moms and dads — its ok talking about dads 🙂

Q&A time

People don’t know their rights.  People whispered support when he returned to CNN then shouted support

He is able to speak out— has the resources

It was a necessary step — vital for his family — we need to stand up. Be people that stand up

Can’t have family values without valuing fathers


America needs to stretch out our rights and roles — when arms are stretched, can reach for things you couldn’t reach before

q — has management changed how they interact with you?   No change.  Still doing his job…


People sent him their stories

Guy had twins.  Wife in hospital — dad got 2 weeks…

Dad took 2 days off after horrific birth. Yelled at by boss.  Pregnant boss

Everyone needs a reality check sometime

Serenity prayer.    He lives it

Accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can

Wisdom to know the difference


Thanks JOSH —  very inspiring!   Jeff Hay (