Seven days to save 50 bucks

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This is it, dads! The big week, when the eyes of the world focus their attention on its male progenitors. Father’s Day is June 15, and whether you’re contributing to the $12.5 billion that will likely be spent on gifts, or are more focused on the kind of gifts money can’t buy, we hope you’ll have a great Sunday honoring the dad(s) in your life.

If you’re planning to give a less-intrinsic gift centered around an experience, we’ve got a good idea. As you may know, thanks to our two wildly successful pre-sales, Dad 2.015 is already about 75% full. To put that in perspective, we’ve already sold more tickets for 2015 than the total number of attendees at our first Summit in 2012. The standard ticket price is set at $199 from now until August 31, but during our Seven Days of Dad sale, you can enter the code “7daysofdad” and chop $50 off the price.

The sale started Monday and will end at 11:59pm EDT on Sunday, June 15. So we can accommodate even the most world-class procrastinators.

And for those of you on the opposite end of the procrastination spectrum, the kind who get your taxes done on January 2, we encourage you to book your room on the dedicated Westin site that is now up and running. The nightly rate is $199, which is about a third of what t he Westin (and comparable hotels in the area) normally charge. We’ve secured a large number of rooms in our block, but they’re already starting to go.

Look around you. Committed fathers are more numerous and more vocal than ever. Modern dads are mainstays in media and advertising, and these days you don’t even hear much about that Michael Keaton film that came out before most Millennial dads were even born.This week, you’re going to see dads on shows like Today, Good Morning America, The View–and even on C-SPAN, when the White House convened its Working Fathers Summit on Monday morning (see above). The revolution is in full tilt, and it is being televised.

Enjoy it, dads. None of all this would have happened without you.