Our first Official Sponsor for Dad 2.015 is PicMonkey!

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It’s October! Which means two things:

  1. September came and went in about 45 seconds.
  2. It’s time to make the transition from Speaker submissions to Sponsor news!

Thank you all so much for a stupendous Call for Speakers and Ideas for Dad 2.015! Submissions were up 57%, and the scope of suggestions has shown the sophistication and nuance worthy of a fourth-year event like ours. This conference is all about its attendees, and our job is to provide the tangible takeaways you’ve come to expect.

And as we turn our attention to the other side of the conversation—the brands who are coming to San Francisco to support us dads—we’re very happy to announce that our first Official Sponsor for Dad 2.015 is PicMonkey!

If you don’t know PicMonkey yet, you’ll leave San Francisco singing its praises. Because PicMonkey is the only online photo editor you’ll need to make your images pop—on your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever else you share them. As you’ll see during their product demonstrations, PicMonkey has an impressive array of hand­tuned filters, design-quality overlays, myriad fonts, and other user-friendly tools that you’ll pick up in no time, whether you’re a pro, or just getting started.

We’re also especially glad to welcome PicMonkey to Dad 2.0 because they’re explicitly interested in gathering feedback about their product interface from a male perspective. Since imaging is as huge a growth opportunity in blogging as dads are among online parents, we think PicMonkey has chosen a particularly savvy expansion strategy.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from PicMonkey over the next months, including how they plan for you to leave San Francisco with some beautiful photos of a beautiful city. In the meantime, we hope you’ll visit their various platforms and give them the social media love they so richly deserve.

Thanks again, PicMonkey, and welcome aboard!