This sponsor announcement has us really STŌKed!

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Our second sponsorship announcement is a special one, because it’s really two sponsors. And one of those two is actually more than 50. (Don’t worry. The math adds up. Stay with us.)

Next February, you could very likely be gearing up for a summer season of building things, fixing things, and cooking things outdoors. That’s why we’re very happy to announce that our second Official Sponsor for the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit is RYOBI power tools and STŌK grills!

We love RYOBI and STŌK, and not just because of how easily a brand name like STŌK lends itself to punny headlines. (We tried the same with RYOBI, but the best we could come up with was something along the lines of RYOBI-Won Kenobi.)

RYOBI and STŌK are a great match for us because they’re coming to San
Francisco with two specific goals. First, they want to showcase their innovative products—such as the RYOBI 18V ONE+TM system, which comprises more than 50 tools that work with the same battery platform, and the myriad permutations of STŌK’s grill lineup and interchangeable inserts—by having us try them out in workshops, with trained experts showing us every aspect of their versatility.

And second, they’re looking to expand their stable of ambassadors and influencers to include dad bloggers. It’s a win-win!

Welcome to Dad 2.015! We’re thrilled to fulfill our skills with grills and drills.