Monday Conference Call: Your one-stop shop for Summit news

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Welcome to our Monday Conference Call, where we launch your week with the latest news about the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit, which is just 122 days away!

(NOTE: You may be asking yourself: “This relentless counting down of Days Until Dad 2.0… is this going to be a thing?” Well, before you pass judgment, it’s important to note that Serial Sevens—the practice of having patients count backwards by 7 in order to gauge their mental function—is a great safeguard against dementia. So there’s that.)

When you tune in on Mondays, here’s the sort of thing you’ll read about:

  • Discussion topics: Dad 2.015 will comprise conference-wide keynotes, one-on-one consultations, and everything in between.
  • Speakers: In addition to our keynoters, and our dad blogger spotlight readers, we normally have three big roster announcements of speakers.
  • Sponsors: We’ve already told you about PicMonkey, RYOBI, and STŌK, and we’re sitting on some really exciting follow-ups. When we do announce our roster of supporters, we hope you’ll give them lots of social media love.
  • Contests: As the sponsors’ activations come together, there will be lots of opportunities to win prizes before, during, and after the event. You might even get to stay free at the Westin San Francisco Market Street!
  • Promotions: Above all else, we want you in San Francisco. And as opportunities arise (especially when it comes to tickets, which are almost sold out), we’ll be sure to pass them on to you.
  • Schedule: Our schedule for Dad 2.015 won’t vary much from last year’s, but we will be making adjustments that are necessary each year. If you’re making travel plans now, we hope you’ll be at the Westin Thursday evening for our Welcome Party and stay through until we close late Saturday afternoon. Some will take off then (especially those taking red-eye flights back East), while others will stay on longer. (After all, when else are you going to find a swank hotel room in downtown San Francisco for $200/night?)

We’re working on a calendar schedule that will help you anticipate our announcements—especially if you’re waiting to hear about your speaker application. In the meantime, we hope this weekly feature will serve as a vital information source about Dad 2.015 in the weeks and months ahead. If nothing else, reading this every week might be an excellent test of whether your brain still works!