You can’t spell “Monday Conference Call” without a Mo

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Good Monday, everyone! Today we have but two objectives–and each involves plugging into our community of dads.

If Dad 2.015 will be your first Summit experience, welcome. You’re in for a treat. You’re also going to hear a lot about our myriad resources for making your trip to San Francisco as rewarding as possible. In the interest of organization, however, we’re going to pin them here, so you can pin them wherever you need to as a point of reference.

  • First and foremost, please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email in the window within the black bar that sits atop every page of the site. (Take a look. Go ahead. We’ll wait.)
  • Book your room here, using the Westin Market Street’s dedicated website.
  • If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can do so here.
  • If you have bought your ticket, please note they although they’re not refundable, they are easily transferable. And the Dad 2.0 Summit Alums¬†page is a good way to find a hotel roommate, or a good home for your ticket.
  • We’d really appreciate it if you followed us on Twitter, Liked our FB page, and/or followed us on Instagram and Pinterest. (And even Ello!)
  • Our FB and Google+ event pages are available, if you’re into that sort of thing.

But the real reason for this week’s Conference Call is the month we’ve all been waiting for, the opportunity grow our mustaches out, long and lustrous, to support research into men’s cancers and ¬†other health issues.

Movember starts Saturday, November 1, and the plan is very simple. Lots of people wear awareness ribbons pinned to their chests, but we’re going a step further and growing them on our faces. And we’re proud to once again team up with Life of Dad, City Dads Group, and the National At-Home Dad Network to put together a mega-team of men who will spend the next month growing fur on their philtra, and use social media for social good as they raise money for several good causes.

As of this writing, we’ve already signed up 32 members; if you’re ready to join us, go here and sign up! Then stay tuned for information about our upcoming #MovemberDads Twitter party, and join the Movember Dads FB page (yep, we’ve got one for that, too) so you can share updates, triumphs, and tribulations as your Mo’s grow in!