Fatherhood Friday: On mustaches and Milky Ways

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Happy Halloween! For many of us dads, tomorrow means two important things: 1) winnowing all the “good candy” from the candy corn and malted milk balls, and 2) prepping for Movember! If you haven’t signed up and joined the Dads/Bloggers team, now’s the time! (For the uninitiated, co-founder Doug French writes about the movement’s history¬†here, on Dads 4 Change.)

On this Hallowed Eve, here’s a look at some of the other bats that are roosting in our belfry:

  • Despite the genuinely silly headline, this piece about evolving gender roles says that most women prefer that their men work rather than care for kids. Has that been your experience?
  • Congratulations to Novak Djokovic, who won his first match after becoming a dad.
  • It helps all employees when companies start to treat parental leave as a parental issue, rather than just a women’s issue.
  • The gap is narrow, but moms are still more likely to check nutrition labels when grocery shopping.
  • How does a dad react when his daughter wants to dress as Han Solo? Dress as Princess Leia, of course!

We’re also proud to proud to back the Kickstarter for Chris Routly’s children’s book, “Sometimes You Need A Jellyfish.” When you check it out, we hope you’ll want to, as well.

Have a great, candy coma-free weekend!