Monday Conference Call: Dove Men+Care returns as Title Sponsor!

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The sports lovers among us know that a hat trick is when someone scores three goals in a game. And whether that game is hockey, soccer, team handball, or just some rainy-day game your 6-year-old invented with an umbrella and a balled-up pair of socks, a hat trick is a pretty big deal. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Dove Men+Care is back again this year, for its third go-round as our Title Sponsor!

Over the years, Dove Men+Care’s support of the online dad movement has been absolutely peerless. They’ve done a tremendous job at our conferences, making sure we all look and smell great. And just when you thought they couldn’t top their “Journey to Comfort” and #BigLeagueDads campaigns, they blew us all away last Father’s Day with the “Calls For Dad” video, which to date has over 12 million views and has us all hugging our kids a little tighter.

(Seriously. If you made it through that video with two dry eyes, someone may have embalmed you while you weren’t looking.)

And now, we’re very proud to support Dove Men+Care’s new “Care Always Wins” initiative, which stresses the importance of mentorship to help our efforts ripple exponentially into subsequent generations of men and dads. Because as powerful as its brand messaging has been over the years, Dove Men+Care wants us to work up a sweat to bring about real change—and then clean us up afterward.

SFhatBaseball fans know that San Francisco knows a bit about hat tricks. And now that Dove Men+Care is back on board, we can’t stress enough how much of a joy it has been to work with Rob Candelino and his team, which has been with us since the very beginning. As we prepare to make our fourth Dad 2.0 Summit the biggest yet (it’s less than 100 days away, and already nearly sold out), we’re thrilled to throw our hats in the air and celebrate as Dove Men+Care joins us in San Francisco!