Monday Conference Call, part I: The Return of the #LeeModernDad!

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If you were with us in New Orleans last year, you saw that the Lee® Jeans Pants Party suite was a huge hit. We all stopped by to hang out, sip a frosty craft beer, try on some stylish, comfortable clothes, and walk away with a slick pair of trousers.

More importantly, Lee walked away with a great relationship with the Dad 2.0 community, and since then Lee has bolstered its strong blogger outreach program with several dad bloggers. And now, Lee is continuing the effort by returning to Dad 2.015 as a Supporting Sponsor!

When you get to San Francisco, you’ll see that Lee’s Denim Den—with all the trappings and wardrobe you’ve come to expect—will be back! You’ll have the opportunity to try the latest of its ever-expanding product line, win some pretty cool prizes, and add your voice to the very happy chorus of #LeeModernDads!

From all the tweets and grams from last year, you can tell Lee made a major impression on us. That’s why we’re so glad to include Lee among the many brands who’ve enjoyed themselves enough with us to want to come back. And we hope they’re with us for many years to come!