Monday Conference Call: The last week for scholarships, and Best Buy joins our sponsor roster!

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This is arguably one of the best times of our conference ramp-up schedule, when the submission windows for Dad 2.0 Scholarship essays and our Dad Blogger Spotlights are open at the same time. Both have resulted in lots of great writing that we get to read, so we can take a moment to remind ourselves that the backbone of all we do is the writing, the podcasting, the graphic designing, the imaging, the Vine-ing–the creating–that we men do when we use the power of self-publishing.

If you’re looking to submit to either or both, here’a a brief synopsis of the deadlines:

And on the sponsorship front: We’re very pleased to announce Best Buy is a Supporting Sponsor of Dad 2.015!

>When it comes to big-time retailing, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Best Buy. The bright blue, angular façade with the big, yellow price tag stands out, in our minds and at the mall, for offering the best in advice, service and convenience, all at competitive prices. If you’re looking for a TV, mobile phone, gaming console, or to connect technology in your home, you know Best Buy has it, and you know Geek Squad will help you maintain it once it’s there.

The main thing you’re about to know, however, when Best Buy comes to Dad 2.0 as a Supporting Sponsor, is that they have a really forward-thinking social media strategy. They’ve worked with bloggers and ambassadors for years, and they want to come to San Francisco to meet our tech-savviest dad bloggers and match them up with their expansive merchandise and the superlative service that backs it up.

Best Buy is one of those bountiful troves where, regardless of budget, you can enter with a huge holiday gift list, and leave with cool gifts for everyone on it. We’re really glad to have them with us this year, because when it comes to gadgetry, Best Buy is the best, by far.

Until you meet them in San Francisco, you can find out more on, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome to the team, Best Buy!