Esquire joins us as Official National Media Partner!

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If you thought today’s first announcement was cool, you’re going to flip over this: Our 2015 Official National Media Partner is Esquire magazine!

Straight up, this is the brass ring for us. We all know Esquire for its commitment to chronicle the complexity of the American man. Our passions are as grounded in family and relationships as they are dazzled by culture, travel, food, and drink. And over its 80 years, Esquire’s deft, multi-dimensional touch to which so many men can strongly relate has made it the most-honored monthly magazine in America, with 16 National Magazine Awards in the past 15 years and 27 editions published around the world.

Last June, we read this from Stephen Marche (who will be speaking with us) from his “Manifesto of the New Fatherhood” in Esquire’s superlative Father’s Day issue:

“Fathers spending time with their children results in a better, healthier, more educated, more stable, less criminal world. Exposure to fathers is a public good.”

That’s when we knew Esquire would be an ideal media partner, because they share our goal to reinvigorate American masculinity, through the venerable institutions of fatherhood and mentorship. And if we’re to complete this long-term image overhaul, what better partner than ultimate, venerable arbiter of cool?

You’ll be hearing a lot more exciting news from Esquire over the coming weeks. And we hope our work together this year lays the groundwork for a long-term partnership, featuring Dad At His Best, well into the future.