Monday Conference Call, part 1: Welcome to Arctic Cove!

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Today is a big day. A big day of big announcements that will be big. We hope you’re somewhere in a secure position, surrounded by loved ones and braced by something heavy. Because this is the first of three announcements we have planned today, and the bigness will burgeon with biggitude.

Our first news is that our partnership with RYOBI Power Tools and STOK grills just got one degree cooler, and Arctic Cove has joined into this unprecedented joint Official Sponsorship!We may always be grateful to Miles Davis for the Birth of the Cool, but if you want to tip your cap to the company preserving the essence of the cool, look no further. Whether your needs run from personal cooling to evaporative coolers, Arctic Cove has you covered with comfort, and we are thankful for their decision to come chill with us at Dad 2.015. (We know what you’re thinking: As if Dad 2.0 weren’t already cool enough.)

Thanks to RYOBI, STOK, and Arctic Cove for tripling down on dads at our event, and we hope you’ll head over to Facebook and Twitter┬áto show them that coolness can be reciprocal.