Dove Men+Care to debut its #RealStrength campaign at Super Bowl XLIX

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For more than three years now, the Dad 2.0 Summit has been proud to call Dove Men+Care our partner. And that’s not mere lip service. Dove Men+Care’s campaigns, as well as its investments in our community, have placed it firmly in the vanguard when it comes to heralding the arrival of the modern dad. And just in time for the Super Bowl, Dove Men+Care’s latest campaign uses exhaustive research to help our culture redefine #RealStrength.

Society loves to talk about men and strength. We’re men. We’re strong. We get it.

But are we all talking about the same thing? Is strength defined by stereotypes and brawn, or is it more complex than that? According to Dove Men+Care’s “Care Makes A Man Stronger” study, an overwhelming majority of modern men feel that “Real Strength” transcends the traditional notions of power, affluence, or muscles. Among the men who were sampled:

  • More than 9 in 10 agreed that caring makes a man stronger.
  • 91% felt taking care of their family’s needs makes him feel strong.
  • 94% agreed they are able to perform better in other aspects of their lives when they are able to spend time with their children.
  • 96% said it is important to be a caring father.
  • 75% agreed that how masculinity has changed has had a positive impact on society.

Dove Men+Care has synthesized these nearly unanimous viewpoints among men into its latest “Real Strength” campaign. Inspired by its viral predecessor “Calls For Dad,” “Real Strength” continues Dove Men+Care’s commitment to celebrating emotional commitment as a hallmark of modern manhood. It may be set to debut at the Super Bowl on February 1, but our Title Sponsor wants you to see it first here.

We’re very pleased to see Dove Men+Care respond to enthusiasm from all over the world, and specifically from the Dad 2.0 community, by committing to deeper research, and creating a fresh take on “Calls for Dad” for the world’s biggest stage. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to help show the world what #RealStrength really is.