Announcing our 2015 Breakout Sessions!

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Today, we start fleshing out a lot of the session details for the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit. And the only appropriate place to begin is to announce our Breakout Panels!

Behind Every Great Woman …
Just as ambitious women are urged to lean into their careers, so too can fathers throw their weight into their symbiotic roles as primary kid wranglers. On this unique panel, we’ll hear from three extraordinarily entrepreneurial moms who have built impressive online empires, and from their primary caregiving husbands, without whom these empires would never have been built. The media defines relationships like these as “reversed roles,” but after enough success stories like these, we’ll soon forget what those roles ever were.

Change Two Lives: Be A Mentor
Data overwhelmingly show that an engaged father’s influence plays a major role in his child’s future health and happiness. And when a child lacks a biological male role model, a mentor is the next best thing. So why are mentors in such short supply? We’ll discuss the social impact of mentorship and the ardent efforts to reboot its image as a vital social good. We’ll also outline the specific ways you can get involved to help change a child’s life—and in the process, your own.

The Creative Parent: Finding the Right Strategies For Your Right Brain
When the demands of parenthood take hold of your life, creative impulses are often the first casualty. So how can you structure your hectic existence to make room to conquer the blank canvas? And how do you reconcile that structure with the unpredictability of inspiration? Our panelists confront this conundrum every day, and they’ll explain how a combination of patience, stamina, and discipline can keep your right brain from being left behind.

Depression Doesn’t Discriminate
A man’s brain is just as susceptible to depression as a woman’s, but a culture convinced of male invincibility often trains men to suffer alone, or to disavow the disease altogether. As more organizations such as Movember turn their valuable attention to men’s mental health, our panel will discuss the importance of acknowledging the disease, how it affects our parenting and relationships, and how to find the resources to treat it in order to minimize its control over your life.

Everything Is Negotiable … Until It Isn’t
As more brands pursue dad bloggers as viable content partners, many bloggers have achieved enough station to be more selective in the campaigns they take on. If you’ve ever agreed to a brand partnership for the wrong reasons, or a pitch has ever made you question your ethical or financial principles, our panelists’ advice will help you get what you want from a deal, and help you feel good about walking away when you don’t.

Extreme Media Training: A Survival Guide
Amid the hyperbole of modern journalism, media outlets can descend on the Next Hot Thing like lions after a steak. So what happens when your content goes viral, and suddenly that steak is you? Each of our panelists has been catapulted into a temporary spotlight and flooded by media requests, and for the most part had to figure out the right moves, on their own and on the spot. They’re here to pass on what they learned, and how to steer the experience to your advantage.

Love and First Site: The Complex Union of Blogging and Marriage
The all-consuming and isolating process of growing and marketing a blog can stress a couple, especially if your partner resents the time commitment, or refuses to take part altogether. Conversely, having your spouse as your co-creator and business partner can dissolve your individual boundaries. Our panelists have endured minor disagreements, major arguments, and everything in between, and they’ll discuss how they’ve kept the love alive and made the business thrive.

Making the Case for Paid Paternity Leave
The perception of paternity leave is slowly shifting from “helping Mom” to an important opportunity to bond with your new child. Companies are sporadically updating their paid parental leave policies to include dads, but from a global perspective, the United States remains woefully behind the times. Our panelists will discuss how progressive paternity leave policies are as beneficial to a long-term father/child relationship as they are to the companies that offer them.

Why Not You? Proactivity Makes Its Own Luck
Ever wondered how a colleague booked a cool brand sponsorship or landed that celebrity interview for his podcast? The answer might be more straightforward than you think. Sponsors and publicists have learned that interacting with dad-produced content is a shrewd media buy, and a proactive, professional query can often land you the dream gig. So when you’re plotting your publishing aspirations, aim high and just ask! If you persevere, even the rejections can lead to something great.

Thanks to all of you who submitted panel ideas during our open call last fall. The decision process was harder than ever, and we already have several ideas lined up for 2016. Stay tuned later today for our TEDnite speakers, our Roundtable Workshops (and moderators), and the details of our new Ask An Expert Knowledge Bar!