Welcome to our newest sponsor, KIND Healthy Snacks!

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One of the main themes running throughout Dad 2.015 is the strength of kindness, because dads understand that part of being a father is making the world a better, kinder place for our kids. You may have enjoyed KIND bars for all these years because they’re delicious, and perfect for our peripatetic, zigzaggy lifestyles. But there’s a lot more to KIND than that.

KIND has introduced STRONG & KIND, a bold and spicy snack bar line made from ingredients you (and your kids!) recognize when you read them on the wrapper, and when you hold them in your hand. Each bar satisfies your hunger with 10g of protein and 3g of fiber, and is made of wholesome ingredients that don’t have 12 syllables or sound like they’re used to make golf balls.

A kinder world and a delicious snack? Sounds good to us. If you think so, too, send them some Twitter love, and use the hashtag #GrabHungerByTheNuts!