Blurb completes our Dad 2.015 sponsorship roster!

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You’re coming at Dad 2.0 because you have ideas, and you want to share them with your online people. And Blurb wants you to use its independent publishing platform for turn your ideas into books. Great books, in fact. Blurb helps you create, publish, and distribute your own trade books, photo books, and magazines (print or digital). It’s self-publishing made simple. After you learn more at Blurb’s sponsored lunch on Friday, who knows? Maybe the ideas you have today will put you behind a Dad 2.0 signing table tomorrow!

And with this announcement, we’re very proud to conclude our sponsor announcements for Dad 2.015. The complete roster is here, along with all the pertinent hashtags for the weekend. We’re very excited for the next several days of social media love that our 350 attendees will shower on our sponsors, but here’s an important caveat: If you see a tweet with the #dad2summit hashtag that includes another company hashtag not on this list, that company is not affiliated with us. Please proceed (and tweet) accordingly.

We’re very grateful for this impressive and progressive group of brands that materially interested in supporting our conference and setting up long-standing work relationships. This is gonna be good.