PANEL – The Creative Parent – Strategies for your Right Brain

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The Creative Parent – Right Strategies for Your Right Brain
Moderator – Jessi Sanfilippo (@shuggilippo)
Chris Routly (@ChrisRoutly)
David Vienna (@thedaddycomplex)
Neal Call
JESSI :- How do you capture creative ideas when they hit?
DAVID :- keeping a note pad by bedside
strike while its hot
Write down everything — Evernote on phone is awesome
CHRIS — must hash out the idea to see if its a gem
use stockpile method — revisit it every night to see if it should be tackled
must revisit so that they stay fresh
JESSI :- when talking about creative processes, how do we balance that with having kids?
DAVID – my process is different for blogs than it is for longer projects
if time, chase an idea right away
my site is a testing ground — if people love it, then turn idea into a bigger book
throw everything at the wall – what sticks he explores
NEAL: – can’t leave family to create masterpieces — if I had all the time in the world
struggle — managing time and creating magic within limited time
finding time — controlled by stage of what kids are in – naptime vs. school time
find your best rhythm your best time to work… morning or evening?
late at night — let yourself go places in your mind
embrace DAD as primary job — not creative designer
give permission to have creative time — this outlet
JESSI:- dedicating time to self — make us better parent
How do we work well in the home? around the family in that environment?
CHRIS :- as easily distracted at home — must carve out time — give permission
working at night
NEAL :- spousal support is essential to carve out time — very important — have conversation — this is important to me – can I have time Saturday to work on this idea?
DAVID :- wife understands how important this to him. include partner in the scheduling of creative time – huge chunks of time
getting up early to get it down
NEAL :- important to get in the right head space with scheduling
JESSI :- kids are distracting but also a great source of content if paying attention
DAVID :- site got him attention then got agent — she said parenting books don’t sell
parenting blog was the ticket in — got on radar of agent because of it
CHRIS :- wanted to draw for a living
stay at home — able to work
unexpected path — never expected — parenting started the process
do what you love
NEAL:- figuring out what I could do with my child while i parented – kept me in the game
daughter wouldn’t eat orange so he made orange peel map of the world – led to a great post
JESSI :- How do you incorporate kids into the educational side or method of what you do What have your kids become interested in?
DAVID :- involved kids in videos — they want to act in them! sadly, no narrative arc in their work
CHRIS :- Jellyfish story ideas — came from his son
his son feels like he is a part of what I do
might be tougher when his kids gets older and not as interested or less material
kids feel ownership of everything
NEAL :- archived moments of life — using kids as the inspiration for content
DAVID :- my site is for adults — not for my kids — I choose what they see
JESSI :- most of my stuff is foul — kids will grow up and will see what I do and will hopefully understanding comedy better
will be a bonding time when he understands better what I do
How have we completely failed?
NEAL :- if it works for me, then its good enough “no matter, fail, and then fail again better”
DAVID :- puppet series — glad I did it — bombed – would have still been thinking of it so better to have done it and failed
CHRIS :- his failed Mrs. Dad campaign — learned from it
DAVID :- Do you care if anyone gets it? still worth doing..
JESSI :- create to fail — can’t create to be the top dog – must know that when you release the creative — that’s enough — anything past that is cherry on top — if you love it, then it works
What happens when kids not feeding us the moments when they are getting older
Do you see a career path after your kids are older and not giving me the material?
yes if connecting with people…
DAVID :- site is a commercial for them – -this is what I can do when talking about this topic
ANDY QUESTION :- creative process destroyed by kids wanting to play?
JESSI :- if plan time with spouse, then you can create…
family has to be the priority but family time must come first
let it go — its good reason
DAVID :- if idea is gone , then it wasn’t a good idea — the good ones stick
if good idea — let it marinate — if survives time the kids, then its worth it
how do you do it? physical ways to put creative down
DAVID :- folder of ideas – napkins, postcards get idea down first — don’t be precious about it
just do the idea — can improve the idea later
CHriS :- talk about the idea with spouse — she says — good or bad
Can record kids and ideas
JESSI :- sometime scripting everything can ruin the magic – -loosely scripted is better
keeping working on the idea — can throw away the video takes, but don’t lose the idea
How do you incorporate your kids into the process? teach the technical side
something we can do collaboratively…
capture any ideas however you can
schedule time with spouse for your creative outlets – block time
if your kids are interested in what you do, show them slowly and purposefully what you do..
family and spouse always come first — before any blog
transcribed by Jeff Hay (the Dad Vibe) – @thedadvibe