Closing Keynote Address from Jay Larson

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Jay (@JayLarsoncomedy) is the co-host of the “Best Bars of America” feature on the Esquire Network.

Adrian Kulp booked his first TV appearance when he was in L.A. as a writer and actor.

Grew up in Massachusetts and without a dad.

Took having a baby to realize it was the only thing he ever wanted in life.

He doesn’t give his boy time outs; he makes him do pushups.

Believes in unplugging and having a “no cellphone Saturday.”

Don’t let kids grow up afraid to fail.

Looking forward to playing catch with his son, riding a train together, giving him money for his first date, living above his son’s garage after his wife dies, etc.

Not looking forward to his first heartbreak, his graduating from college and wondering what to do, etc.

Looked for male mentors since didn’t grow up with a dad.  Read works by male authors, etc.

Had one soccer coach that was encouraging of his working hard and pursuing his dreams.

Several years ago, knew he wanted a child, so started working on his writing so doesn’t have to travel all the time as a standup comedian.  They want two children now, but wants seven–maybe adopt five!

He moved to L.A. to write and act and then met someone who encouraged him to try standup at the place where Dane Cook is.  Thinks Bill Burr is greatest standup comedian now–listen to his podcast!

Re:  worrying about his son’s being in his content, until his son’s 18, Jay owns his son and the content related to him!  He keeps his material pretty clean and focuses on writing more scripted material instead of getting too personal with his stories.  Thinks it’s a cool thing to write openly and honestly about our child rearing and the things he does.

Re:  working freelance and the need to provide, he has agents and managers that are supposed to help.  Also works hard to cultivate relationships in the business but has constant highs and lows. Grinds to create and has to have the faith that it’ll work out.  Also, his wife has a full time job.

**live blog bullet points by Michael (@dadcation)**