It’s time for “Amazon Mom” to become “Amazon Family”

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The dad blogging community did not waste any time in stepping up to honor the life of Oren Miller, the creator of the Dad Bloggers Facebook group, who passed away on February 28 after months of fighting Stage IV lung cancer. One of Oren’s most public and passionate crusades was promoting a petition drive asking the online retail giant Amazon to change the name of its parent-centric Prime membership program in the U.S. from “Amazon Mom” to “Amazon Family,” as it appears in the rest of the world.

In Oren’s wordsIt’s about a company that looks at the U.S., then looks at England, and then decides that over there, parent equals mom or dad, while here, well, we’re not ready for that yet.

Charlie Capen of How To Be A Dad put a call out to the group, and it was answered by several members of the dad blogging community, including Chris Routly, who created a shareable new graphic (above) explaining the purpose of the name-changing campaign. At 9 a.m. PST on March 3, 2015, the dad bloggers launched the movement, one that is based on principle and policy. It also encourages a more inclusive approach from Amazon with regard to family dynamics in the United States, and acknowledges that all families matter.

The cause has become a media phenomenon, having been picked up by BuzzFeed, AdWeek, MarketWatch, and several other media outlets and parent blogs. To keep the effort going, you can sign the petition, and participate on social media by asserting your opinions and sharing news stories, using the hashtags #AmazonFamilyUS and #dads4oren.

At this time, Amazon has not issued a statement.