Fatherhood on Friday: Summits, Santa, and Star Wars

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This is our first Fatherhood on Friday since Dad 2.0, and you probably think we’ve been taking it easy, making the most of our down time, hanging out on BuzzFeed, and playing a bit of golf. You’re only part right. We don’t golf (we hack); however, we do appreciate golfer Bubba Watson and his perspective on green jackets and fatherhood. Also, there is no down time.

Think of the Dad 2.0 Summit like Christmas. We work all year to bring you the magic and wonder of the season, fill your stockings with swag and info (or coal), and then the next morning it all starts over again. We rest in planes (sleigh rides?) and elevators.

And we love it.

But now it is spring, when a dad’s fancy turns to other things. Like finances, policy, and the constant pull of celebrity gossip!

Are you thinking about college? According to Paul F. Campos at the New York Times, it may be time for your kid(s) to get summer job(s). Here is Campos’s take on the real reason that college tuition is so expensive.

Should the government govern parenting styles? At The Washington Post, journalists Donna St. George and Brigid Schulte discuss the free-range parents and the legal issues they are facing.  And if you’re looking for a practical take on parenting styles, read Carter Gaddis’s piece on the choices we all make.

Speaking of Ms. Schulte, she was the guest on the latest Modern Dads Podcast (from City Dads Group), discussing her book Overwhelmed: How To Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time. She also contributed an interesting article to the Washington Post on Canada’s paternal leave (and housework). She’s been busy.

Meanwhile, parents are sharing leave in the UK.

Success Kid

Photo: Laney Griner

Have you heard about the kid from the meme (above) that is trying to save his father? Sammy Griner is now 8, and his dad needs a kidney transplant.

Sticking in the world of health, Josh Misner, Ph.D. has a story about his son, scars, and the stories that they tell.

From the Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us file: Did the daughter of Avengers 2 star Jeremy Renner ruin his career? YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Spoiler: You actually will believe it. Renner goes on Ellen and nails it.

You’ve probably been wondering why it took so long for Kevin James to star in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. The wait was worth it, because it’s dad stuff.

Chances are your kids of reading age love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, by Jeff Kinney. Kinney was a recent guest on Father Nation with Jesse Foster and it’s worth a listen. (Fun fact: our own Whit Honea was also a recent guest on the program.)


Remember when we were talking about Christmas (way up at the top)? This year the holiday will bring more than mistletoe and holly; it will also bring the next chapter in the Star Wars saga—something that feeds our collective need for nostalgia and offers wonderful bonding opportunities with our own children. And we aren’t alone, new dad (we think) Luke Skywalker is taking advantage, too. Big time. Merry Christmas, indeed.