Join us for Friday’s “The Modern Man’s Juggle” webinar!

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While we were watching the latest episode of “Real Sports” this week, we were struck by how strongly fatherhood influenced each of the segments:

  • Seawhawks quarterback Russell Wilson lamented how his father, whom he viewed as his mentor and best friend, died before he could see his son raise the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl XLVIII.
  • Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh remembered how he developed his competitive spirit as a child on the sidelines of Michigan Stadium while his father was an assistant coach under Bo Schembechler.
  • Tony Gwynn, Jr., was moved to tears over the death of his father, one of baseball’s best hitters, from mouth cancer that he believes came from his addiction to chewing tobacco.
  • Bryant Gumbel asserted that baseball’s popularity is dwindling in part because fewer fathers are passing down their love of the game to their sons.

Researchers are studying the influence of a father on his sons and daughters as never before, but it doesn’t take much to confirm what we already know: How a child relates to their dad has a profound effect on how they develop as a human being. And as we fathers assert more responsibility in our family lives, we’re becoming more mindful (and more anxious) of making all the right moves. That’s why we’re excited to co-sponsor tomorrow’s webinar, “The Modern Dad’s Juggle,” presented by the family advocacy group A Better Balance and our friends at City Dads Group.

During this webinar, representatives of A Better Balance and author Scott Behson will discuss how to better understand and navigate the dynamics of your workplace, as it relates to work-family balance and flexibility; how to negotiate with a supervisor for a more flexible work arrangement; the pros and cons of various forms of flexible work arrangements; how you can act informally or “under the radar” to attend to family concerns; and how we can all lead or advocate for needed change in our workplaces.

We hope you’ll join us on Friday, April 24, at 1pm Eastern for this important, hourlong discussion about the elusive integration of work and family in a modern father’s life, with some of the most learned voices on the subject. Click here to register, and we (along with our co-sponsors The Handsome Father and Life of Dad) hope to see you there!