Fatherhood on Friday: Jeers for Piers

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You may recall our last Fatherhood on Friday dealt specifically with the Mom 2.0 Summit and the incredible Iris Awards that immediately followed. That was a great night, and we were grateful to celebrate Dad 2.0 Summit’s “Game Changer” win with so many in the community, moms and dads, who voted for us. More on that later.

In the meantime, here are some of the other father-related news that piqued our interest this week.

Let’s start by giving too much attention to Piers Morgan, who for some reason is a celebrity. Yesterday, Mr. Morgan launched a kerfuffle with a comment he made on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program: “Most dads don’t want to do paid paternity leave. They pretend they do, but after two weeks of a tiny little baby … all they’re doing is eating, guzzling, and depositing, it isn’t the most exciting gig in town.”

In response, co-host Mika Brzezinski reacted the way most of us would have and rolled away from the conversation—literally (see the video of ROLL AWAY GATE 2015 on Huffington Post). Then our buddy Josh Levs took to Twitter, and many of us were quick to follow.

Mr. Morgan thinks he is right. He is actually the opposite of that, and recent studies bear this out. Emily Peck at the Huffington Post believes that fatherhood in the U.S. is changing and gives a breakdown of “the daddy track” that proves it. We also recommend reading this report from the Boston College Center for Work and Family, which asserts that most men decline paternity leave for economic reasons, not emotional ones.

It’s pretty clear Mr. Morgan is tweeting from his experience, which from what we gather wasn’t all that great. Regardless, we hope we’ll consider our offer to come to Dad 2.016 to meet some dads who loved their paternity leave experience and want to preserve that for dads to come.

Moving on: If your kids are like ours, then they spend more time than you’ll ever admit watching videos on YouTube about Minecraft and cats. And apparently, we’re doing it wrong. Because there’s a father-and-son team currently pulling in over a million dollars (USD) per year with their YouTube videos, and we’re not. Read more in Michael Grothaus’s article on Fast Company.

You may recall that we lovingly declared Dad 2015 as the Year of the Beard. We were a heavily whiskered bunch, but that was before we knew that our facial fur was (allegedly) as sanitary as a diaper pail. Who knew? Quest Diagnostics did, that’s who. They tested several beards and determined that they were roughly as clean as a toilet seat. Movember cannot get here soon enough.

Speaking of Movember, one of the causes it supports is men’s mental health. As part of coverage for mental health week, Tanya Kirnishni at the Ottawa Citizen interviewed psychologist Jacques Legault’s about young boys and problems with how they’re raised—problems that stay with them into adulthood.

And then there was the Dad Bod. We’ll let Zach Rosenberg and Nightline take it from here:

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