Celebrating the dads’ big night at the 2015 Iris Awards

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While we were honoring our moms on Sunday, we admit we spent a little of Mother’s Big Day thinking about Dads’ Big Night at the previous weekend’s Iris Awards. Of the 12 statues, dads won five: Whit Honea for Best Writing; How To Be A Dad for Best Sponsored Campaign; Oren Miller for Most Thought-Provoking Content and Web Personality of the Year (more on this later); and the Dad 2.0 Summit co-founders for Game Changer:

Whit Honea, John Pacini, Andy Herald, Doug French, Beth Blauer, and Charlie Capen

The winners (from left to right): Whit Honea, John Pacini, Andy Herald, Doug French, Beth Blauer, and Charlie Capen

It was a happy night for us Y-chromosome-types and their winged hardware (as well as for all the Andrew McCarthy fans in the room). It was particularly special to us, because we announced the first Dad 2.0 Summit on the last day of Mom 2.011, in New Orleans. So technically, the last day of Mom 2.0 is our birthday, and it turns out that an Iris makes a really great birthday present.

Thank you to Mom 2.0 Summit co-founders Laura Mayes (who just rebooted her website!) and Carrie Pacini (whose birthday is Saturday!). We hold their 2.0 brand in the highest esteem and are honored to share it.

Thank you to all of our peers who voted for us, and singled us out from a formidable group that included Stacey Ferguson, Ana Flores, Ann Imig, and Oren Miller.

Thank you to Beth Blauer, Oren’s widow, who traveled across the country to inject herself into a community she only peripherally knew and accepted Oren’s awards with two pitch-perfect speeches.

Thank you to all the members of the 2.0 team, who form a particularly diligent, talented unit that is such a joy to work within.

And most of all, thank you to The Game itself, because the Game, whatever it is, is the sum of the people playing it. People who have a passion for change, and who know that every kid is better off with an active dad in his or her life.

And if you’re reading this, that’s probably you. So thank you, as well. Because the game doesn’t change without a concerted effort from all of its players.