Fatherhood on Friday: What do John Oliver, Jon Stewart, and Jon Hamm have in common?

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This week, we went heavy on the videos, because the teevee spent a lot of time talking about dads. We’ve also made a point of showcasing certain questions that we think are particularly engaging and would benefit from the addition of your clever and insightful banter (or at least a retweet). We’ve set the questions in bold, and we want to hear your thoughts on Twitter.

And now, this:

The push for equal parental leave is passionately championed by the Dad 2.0 community, but the conversation is often based on certain assumptions: namely, that the standard of maternity leave in the United States is something dads should strive for. The sad reality is that it is not. American maternity leave is in a terrible place, and just as paternity leave is a battle that affects everyone, so too should we all stand for the rights of mothers. On Sunday (on Mother’s Day, aptly), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver exposed the hypocrisy of legislators who laud the roles of moms and yet vote against making their lives a lot easier:

The Montreal Gazette ran an editorial titled “Dads should be encouraged to take more paternal leave.” Our letter to the editor: Thank you. Hey, do you ever watch Last Week Tonight?

Gabrielle Jackson at the Guardian takes it even further with her piece “Force men to take paternity leave. It will make the world a better place” to which we respond Thank you. Hey, do you ever watch Last Week Tonight?

The Huffington Post featured research from a trio of contributors, Shane Shifflett, Emily Peck, and Alissa Scheller, estimating the proportion of stay-at-home dads per U.S. state. Spoiler alert: Utah isn’t doing very well.

Caroline Bologna at the Huffington Post reported that online retail giant Amazon has removed gender classification when it comes to children’s toys. We can’t help but wonder if this is next.

USA Today’s Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan report that Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has declared dads are likely to turn the dial away from popular music by the age of 33, which had us scratching our respective playlists.

This led us to wonder, what kind of music do you listen to with your kids? Tweet us and share your family favorites.

Speaking of dads and music and 33 years, David Letterman (who will wrap up 33 years on late-night television on Wednesday) may have the whole thing figured out—mix the classics with hip indie bands and add a touch of father/son sentiment. You’ll enjoy this (unless you’re still listening to popular music):

Sherele Moody of Australia’s Sunshine Coast Daily shares news of “a specific support service for fathers” that need help sorting through the grieving process of losing a child. The article is filled with honest, heartfelt quotes that show just how important the group is to dads and their community.

Apparently, people are still writing headlines with the term “daddy wars” in them. And according to Charlie Gillis at Maclean’s, we are right in the middle of them! Nice mentions of Ricky Shetty and Josh Levs.

Extra shares an interesting note from Hollywood: Famed bad boy Colin Farrell hasn’t dated in four years in order to spend more quality time with his young sons. Says Farrell, “I have two boys that I’m so happy with and I adore.”

Are you a single parent? Do you have any rules or stances on dating? Is it complicated? It sounds complicated. Tweet us all about it.

In closing, as we tip our collective cap to Mad Men (which wraps up this Sunday), we also arch our collective eyebrows at the Dad Bod (and especially the idea that Jon Hamm has one). The Dad Bod isn’t gone yet (it’ll take a few more jumping jacks for that to happen), but it’s alive and well on Comedy Central. The team at 8BitDad got a mention on @midnight, and Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal gave it a fitting beatdown on The Daily Show:

What do you think, is the #DadBod here to stay? Follow Dad 2.0 on Twitter to talk about it and all of the other news in fatherhood today!