Fatherhood on Friday: Sports, Shame, and Baby Talk

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Sports are in the air this week, or at least on the air, as the NHL and NBA both kicked off their respective championship finals. Obviously this means that we need to start listing all of the dad-related ads that everyone is raving about, right? The Super Bowl was only the beginning, wasn’t it? Hello?

The dadvertising doesn’t appear to have carried past football season. In fact, the only recent commercial with a dad-spin that we’ve seen is out of Canada and stars Matt Clarke of everyone’s favorite (sorry, favourite) web-series, Convos with My 2-Year-Old. It’s pretty funny:

Fortunately, Stephen Curry, the NBA’s MVP, has filled the gap by bringing fatherhood right to the sports coverage itself, which, according to this wonderful Salon article by Steve Almond, is not making the media nearly as happy as the rest of us.

Stephanie McNeal at BuzzFeed shares this story about a father in Florida, Wayman Gresham, who, like most of us, has had enough of parents shaming their children on the Internet. Unlike us, though, he did something about it. Greshman beat the shamers at their own game and made his own viral video mocking the practice.

Mashable’s Lindsay Rothfeld compiled a list of dads to follow on Instagram, including the good guys at How To Be A Dad.

Sara Chipps has a story at Medium called “Papas, please let your babies grow up to be princesses,” and she makes all the points.

You probably know Christopher Eccleston from Doctor Who. (And if you don’t, you should!) He has shared a touching story in The Guardian about his father’s battle with dementia, and how the relationship between them evolved once the roles started to change.

June 15-19 is the Making Dads Fertility Telesummit, an online event featuring some of the nations’s most prominent male fertility experts to help men that are experiencing fertility issues.

Our lone entry on policy this week comes from a source that many have found unlikely: Goldman Sachs, according to Business Insider’s Julia La Rocha, has just become a much better place to work for dads due to extended paid paternal leave! In the perpetual struggle to recruit and retain top talent, it’s great to see a heavy hitter like Goldman leading the way to a new paradigm on Wall Street.

Children’s books written by celebrities are not new (and releasing them around Father’s Day is even less new), but this book by Jimmy Fallon about “making sure” your child’s first word is “Dada” is based on his own trial, error, and subsequent failure, and it actually looks pretty cute.

In closing, we’re happy to say our three-week Father’s Day celebration is off to a great start, and we’re very close to funding a seventh stipend as part of the Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Fund! We’re thinking a lot about Oren and his family lately, because he so eloquently announced his cancer a year ago this week. We miss him, but we’re grateful his legacy with all of us is secure.