Fatherhood on Friday: ‘Tis the Season for Father’s Day Preppers

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You may have noticed that talk a lot about paternity leave, and the many specific benefits that paid leave bestows on working families. We’re always excited when each new forward-thinking corporate titan makes news with a new parent-friendly leave policy, and when it comes to titans, it’s hard to find someone more titanic than Sir Richard Branson. It turns out, our favorite intergalactic uber-executive got the memo and will now offer fathers at Virgin a full year of paternity leave. We must admit, we’re very impressed.

Brigid Schulte’s interesting article at the Washington Post, titled “What gay couples get about relationships that straight couples often don’t,” is about better communication and irrelevant concepts of gender, parenting and household roles.

Joanna Schroeder writes “My Husband is a Better ‘Mother’ Than I Am” at Redbook, explaining the shift from parenting stereotypes in her family and those around them.

Mom.me’s Bryanne Salazar wrote a touching ode to her amazing hero, the man that became her father, called “My Dad Saved My Life,” and it’s worth a read.

PBS NewHour shared Cameron Hickey‘s story, “What it’s like to cover the Ebola crisis as a dad,” on Medium, and it’s truly amazing to read how a journalist who has seen and chronicled dire situations all over the world rethinks his whole worldview after he becomes a dad.

Next week, co-founder Doug French will be attending MenCare‘s June 16 launch of the State of the World’s Fathers at the United Nations. The event is part of MenCare’s A Global Fatherhood Campaign, encapsulated by this great video:

Oh, right. Father’s Day is 9 days away. Our Father’s Day ticket sale has been a terrific success so far (so much so that we’re starting to wonder if they’ll last through the summer!), and we’re also seeing lots of brands doing a great job of seizing the moment. Omaha Steaks is seizing it just right:

You know what’s interesting about that ad? We haven’t seen it during any of the sporting events that generally target men; rather, we spotted it during the Phineas and Ferb marathon that ran this week on Disney XD. We thought it refreshing to see a brand step outside the comfort of stereotyped demographics.

And in an ironic twist on this last day of school for many kids all over America, those inventive step-brothers, who spent eight years filling up those 104 days of summer vacation, are airing their 223rd and final episode today. It’s been a great run for a very clever and entertaining show that parents enjoyed just as much as their children, which is a pretty amazing thing. Congrats to Dan Povenmire, Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, and their team at Disney. You gave our kids a lot of summer, and they loved every minute of it.

It’s time for the annual Pregnant Dad issue of Pregnancy Magazine, featuring many of the dads you know from this very Internet, and you can read it for free!

We conclude this week with mention of some of the many father-themed books hitting the shelves during Father’s Day season. We’ll report on many of them next week, but today we want to highlight our friend Scott Behson, whose book, The Working Dad’s Survival Guide, is already a best-seller on Amazon. He recently shared “11 Ways Dads Can Successfully Juggle Work and Family” in listicle form, and he’s also the subject of an interview on The Good Men Project. Congrats on everything, Scott!