Fatherhood on Friday: The State of the World’s Fathers

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It’s Father’s Day Eve Eve, which can only mean one thing: Someone, somewhere, is online right now, buying a necktie and praying for next-day shipping. We hope you are not on either side of that transaction. And as Father’s Day nears, we’re happy to set aside its more commercial aspect in favor of a remarkable new report on the State of the World’s Fathers.

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On Tuesday, we attended the launch of this report, authored and presented by the MenCare Campaign, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. As you might expect, the takeaways were amazing, but few things were as moving or powerful as the report’s findings that men and boys have the power to end the cycle of domestic violence (as showcased in this video from No Ceilings):

Promundo Director Gary Barker spoke alongside Chelsea Clinton, UNFPA Deputy Executive Director Kate Gilmore, and moderator Richard Lui to open the event. He also contributed this guest article for the Telegraph, where he emphasizes the jarring thought that, “at the current rate of progress, it will be 80 years before fathers and mothers share the burden of parenting equally.”

And speaking of Men and Care, our friends at Dove Men+Care have released their Father’s Day campaign spot that celebrates men at the very first moment they learn they’re about to become fathers. We love it, and we hope it resonates with you in some way.

We’re also grateful to Dove Men+Care for its role in an unfortunate development with its related Instagram campaign. Lorne Jaffe of Raising Sienna writes here about dealing with trollish commenters, and his message is ultimately very affirming. Because you know you’ve made an impact when you summon some of humanity’s baser elements.

Upworthy gave us two posts worth sharing. The first featured the amazing photography of Marc Bushelle, and the other included the video below:

Our own Whit Honea got a little worked up and bit the hand that feeds him at Mom.me. He’s pretty sure that he still has a job.

Fast Company’s Laura Vanderkam asks “Why Aren’t Men Talking About Work/Life Balance?” (Which would imply she’s never read a dad blog.)

What Dads Think of Themselves as Parents” at Yahoo! Parenting by Jennifer O’Neill looks at the difference between Millennial and Gen X dads, with some interesting statistics.

The popular website Mashable got into the spirit of the Father’s Day season with two dad-centric lists: “5 hilarious fathers on Twitter who tell more than ‘dad jokes'” and “6 of the best dad blogs on the Internet.” Both lists include a number of our favorites from the online dad space, so kudos for being so Mashable (you know who you are)!

And finally, we go full circle with the Father’s Day wishes. We didn’t get you a tie, and we hope we didn’t get one, either (unless ties are your thing). We do, however, have a hearty bunch of thanks for whatever role(s) you’re playing on the stage of modern fatherhood. We hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday with the people that you love enough to tolerate unconditionally!