Fatherhood on Friday: Celebrities, Shark Week, and Staying Home

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Welcome back from another rousing Fourth of July. Our country’s 239th birthday kicked off a busy week in fatherhood, so let’s jump right in at the top of the food chain:

If we learned anything from 30 Rock, it’s that we should live every week like it’s Shark Week. It’s actually some of the best advice that TV has ever given us (which is saying something), but even that couldn’t prepare us for what Patrick Thornton experienced while swimming off the shore of North Carolina with his 8-year-old son. Melissa Chan of the New York Daily News reports that Thornton fought off a group of sharks despite two big bites to his body, saving his son and another family in the process. In a summer of superhero movies, it’s important to remember that real-life heroes rise to the occasion more often than most of us might think.

Adrianne Bibby’s “Stay-at-Home Dad: Insight and Inspiration for Working Fathers” article at FlexJobs profiles Dad 2.0 Summit alumnus Christopher Persley and his journey from educator to SAHD.

Want a bit more insight into the average day of the stay-at-home dad? Jill Hamilton of the Orange County Register provides “Sound advice for stay-at-home dads”–most notably by urging dads not to stay home.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success, shares some of her findings in a piece on Slate, which asserts that children of over-involved “helicopter” parents are showing signs of being unable to cope for themselves in college.

You may have heard that Bennifer is no more after just 10 years of marriage (a lifetime in Hollywood years). People reports that Affleck “Tried to Give His Kids the Father He Never Had,” and we wish the whole family well in their new chapter.

The Street’s S.Z. Berg writes that “Divorced Dads Give In-Kind Child Support to Feel More Connected to Their Kids,” and that the benefits are numerous.

A group of dads on a U.K. camping trip were denied access to a campsite that stated “We don’t accept solo men traveling with children.” This led Sally Whittle to ask, “Why are we so scared of men?

According to Samanwaya Rautray of The Economic Times, India’s Supreme Court has ruled that “Unwed mothers filing for child custody need not name the father.”

BizReport’s Helen Leggatt shared her take on the recent Yahoo study “The New Face of Fatherhood” in a piece called, “Advertisers must rethink ad creative to connect with today’s fathers.”

Research shows Americans work an average of four more weeks per year than they did in 1979. While some presidential candidates might see things differently, Paul Rosenfeld of the The Atlantic reports on Ryan Carson, the CEO of Treehouse, and his company’s four-day workweek. Watch the video below for more info (it’s pretty great).

Another sports star is choosing parenting over a match: Taj Burrow is an Australian pro surfer who, according to Robert Pursell of GrindTV, had decided to “miss Europe for fatherhood.” We like his priorities.

MSN reports that 62-year-old Jeff Goldblum became a first-time father on the 4th of July. We predict some awesome BBQs in their future.

Michael Rothman of Good Morning America shares the thoughts of Ryan Reynolds on being a new dad and “What Freaks Him Out About Being Father.”

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Fatherhood on Friday. If you have any fatherhood news or stories that you would like to share you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.